The past two years have been an amazing ride for Color Switch and we are so grateful for all of our loyal fans and players. As of December 22nd, the Color Switch app has been taken down by the former publisher because they are holding our game hostage. We've worked very hard to avoid this situation and we are very sorry to let you, our players, down.

We are a small independent game studio that believes games should be about fun for everyone and not just about business. To all artists, builders, students, dreamers, creators and pioneers, there are times in life where you have to make a stand for what you know is right. This is one of those times for Color Switch.

Every action begins with a thought. We never could have imagined our journey would take us around the world meeting players of all ages who love our game. Our team is so thankful for all your support and we are ready to bring you even more in 2018! We thank you for your patience while we put the finishing touches on our next game. Please enter your contact info below so we can share when Color Switch is available again along with our brand new games! 

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